No Impact to Operations or Delivery Schedules; Enhanced Safety Protocols

16 March 2020


Acted Early. Span Alaska imposed its own travel restrictions early. Workplace options to help reduce risk of exposure such as work-from-home are in effect.

Educated Employees. While the risk of exposure remains low, all employees are urged to follow CDC guidelines for helping prevent the spread of respiratory illness. We have communicated these guidelines to all employees, posted them in offices, and made them available on our Intranet.


Ensure Full Compliance. Span Alaska is monitoring developments closely and ensuring compliance with all local, state, and federal government reporting and prevention directives for offices and operations.

Monitor Employee Health. Span Alaska has had no reported cases of coronavirus associated with our operations. We are monitoring the health of our employees and asking them to immediately self-report any changes in their health, and take appropriate action to limit contact with others.

Maintain Pickup and Delivery Schedules. So far, Span Alaska has been able to continue all operations uninterrupted. Our drivers are practicing enhanced hygiene techniques while on the road, and have been trained to maintain appropriate physical distance from others during pickups and deliveries.

Coordinate With Vendors And Partners. Span Alaska is in close and consistent communication with our service providers to minimize any negative impact on our transportation network.

Matson, our ocean service provider (and parent company) has stated it continues to operate its northbound and southbound vessel schedules without interruption. This includes the twice-weekly service between Tacoma and Anchorage.

Update Developments. A Communications Response Team has been formed, and we continue to monitor developments daily. We will continue to communicate any significant changes/developments to our employees and customers in a timely manner.


Anticipated Disruptions/Contingency Plans. Span Alaska has Emergency Action Plans and Business Disaster Recovery Plans in place for each of its locations. These will go into effect if circumstances warrant. They are designed to keep our offices safe, our staff and drivers healthy, and to recover or maintain operations with minimal disruption for our customers.

Increased Travel and Workplace Restrictions. Our IT, Telephony and Email systems and most processes are cloud-based, enabling employees to work from remote locations as needed.

For more information, please call 1-800-257-7726. Thank you