[Anchorage – Posted on 12.02.2018]

*****Operations Update/ Anchorage Earthquake*****

December 02, 2018

Dear Valued Customer:

As Anchorage and the surrounding areas recover from the devastating earthquake and after-shocks, Span Alaska will be managing through several challenges that will impact service.

Our facilities are operational and will be running normal hours starting Monday. The Port of Alaska has been inspected and is open to receive ships and off-load cargo. There is damage to several roads and the Alaska Railroad has damage to tracks that will prevent them from running.

The arrival and departure patterns are impacted with Matson Navigation as they manage emergency and essential cargo, along with a scheduled repair on one of the ships that took longer than projected.

In many cases your shipment(s) will be on time. Please prepare for up to a 24-48 hour delay in delivery.

Please contact our terminal or your sales representative if you cannot receive shipments due to damage at your facility from the earthquake.

The Span team will be working diligently to provide the best possible service during this difficult time. We appreciate your support over the next couple of weeks as we return to normality.

We are fortunate that at this time there has been no loss of life from this event.

Chuck Onstott
VP Operations