Matson Logistics Completes Acquisition of Span Alaska [Auburn – Posted on 08.04.2016]

Dear Span Alaska Customer,

We are pleased to announce that the transaction making our company a subsidiary of Matson Logistics has been completed and Span Alaska is now officially part of the Matson family. With Matson’s long legacy of innovation, quality service, and dedication to their markets, we are pleased to now be part of this great enterprise. As a leading logistics and supply chain provider in the U.S., Matson Logistics is widely recognized for consistent, high quality service and this fits perfectly with Span Alaska’s drive to provide the best possible service and value for our customers. Our name, management team, staff and operations remain unchanged.

This is an important moment in our company’s proud history, and we couldn’t be more proud to become part of Matson Logistics. To read Matson’s news release, click here.

Thank you for your business and for your support during this exciting time!


Tom Souply
President and CEO
Span Alaska Transportation