Imposing seasonal weight restrictions on highways [Anchorage – Posted on 03.07.2019]

To all our valued Span partners, customers and prospective customers,

Please review the following message received today from Greg Patz with the AK DOT & PF regarding weight and road restrictions coming soon. Due to our recent earthquake and subsequent damage, spring break up restrictions may be more rigorous than in past years. Our Span Alaska team will continue to closely monitor the situation and will share information as it becomes available. Thank you for the confidence you place in our people and services everyday.


This is to advise you that we anticipate imposing seasonal weight restrictions on highways in Central Region within the next two weeks. Although the ground is still frozen, daytime temperatures are warming the asphalt. We are beginning to see signs of water pumping through the asphalt, particularly in the Homer area.

This year, due to the damage caused by the earthquake, we may need to place more severe weight restrictions on our highways than we have in the past. Although we completed temporary repairs to some of the more severely damaged road sections, we are concerned that as the embankments thaw there may be more soil subsidence and pavement stress. This could require further weight restrictions on our roads, including the Parks, Glenn, and Seward Highway.

Please remind trucking companies to check the ADOT&PF website for weight restriction updates, and contact me if you have questions.

Greg Patz
Central Region Maintenance & Operations Manager
Alaska DOT&PF